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Bigbox Product Help Centre and Troubleshooting 

The only thing BIGGER than our products… is our knowledge, experience & our passion to share with our customers!

A crucial part of the Big Box Products experience is walking away with a product you know how to use & know how to love. So, we’ve collated a series of documents & frequently asked questions for your benefit!

How do I choose the right 12 Volt Pump for my sprayer?

Whether you're setting up a spot spraying unit for the back of your UTV, or fit-ting a trailer sprayer with a 4m boom, choosing the correct 12V pump can of-ten be confusing. There are many factors to consider so at Big Box we’ve prepared a little something to help you out!

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My 12 Volt Pump is pulsating! Any tips?

Pump pulsating? The fix could be simpler than you could imagine!

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Which accessories come standard with a Stanley 12 Volt Ag Pump?

Understanding the great value, you get when buying a Stanley 12 Volt pumps is very important to us!

Boxed Pump Accessories – which accessories come standard with 12 Volt pumps in a box?

Part Number Description Included with Model Quantity
787211 Quick Connect x ½” MNPT STA5BP, STA8BP, STA11BP, STA15BP, STA20BP, STA26BP 1
787208 Quick Connect x 9.5mm Hose Barb STA3BP 2
787208 Quick Connect x 9.5mm Hose Barb STA5BP, STA8BP 1
787209 Quick Connect x 12.7mm Hose Barb STA5BP, STA8BP, STA11BP, STA15BP 1
787210 Quick Connect x 19 mm Hose Barb STA20BP, STA26BP 1
787214 Quick Connect x 19mm Hose Barb Elbow STA26BP 1

What additional fittings are available for my Stanley 12 Volt pumps?

Additional Quick Connect Fittings

Part Number Description
787212 Quick Connect x 9.5mm Hose Barb Elbow
787213 Quick Connect x 12.7 mm Hose Barb Elbow
787215 Quick Connect x 12.7 mm Hose Barb 50 degree Elbow
787216 Quick Connect x 9.5mm Hose Barb  x ¼” FNPT Elbow

What is the Cut in and Cut Out pressure of my Stanley Pump?

Stanley 12 Volt pump Hysteresis

Pump Cut out Cut in (fast cycling, once per second) Cut in (slow cycling, once every 5 seconds)
STA3BP 40psi ±2psi 36psi ±2psi 30psi ±3psi
STA4BP 100psi ±3psi 88psi ±5psi 78psi ±5psi
STA5BP 150psi ±3psi 125psi ±10psi 110psi ±10psi
STA8BP 70psi ±2psi 62psi ±2psi 52psi ±3psi
STA11BP 60psi ±2psi 52psi ±2psi 40psi ±3psi
STA15BP 60psi ±2psi 52psi ±2psi 42psi ±3psi
STA20BP 60psi ±2psi 52psi ±2psi 42psi ±3psi

Want to understand the material data for our Stanley 12 Volt Pumps and Sprayers?

Material Data Details For 12 Volt Pumps and Sprayers

Product Tank Valves Disaphragms Spray Lance Quick Coupler Hose O Rings
12 Volt Pumps & Sprayers Poly UV Stabilised and chemical resistant Viton Santoprene Aluminium Brass Upgraded PVC, Industrial Strength and independently burst and pressure tested Viton

I need more information on the electrical data of a Stanley 240 Volt water pump.

Understanding the electrical data is important? We have made it easy for you to find the data.

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How to choose the right pump to connect to your residential rainwater tank

If you want to use the water you collect in your tank for your home or garden, then you will need the right pump. The right water pump will provide you with pressurised water flow for your house and garden taps.

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How to choose a battery for your 12 Volt Pump or Sprayer

There are few things to take into consideration when choosing the perfect battery for your 12 Volt pump or sprayer. 

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