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Bigbox Product Help Centre and Troubleshooting 

The only thing BIGGER than our products… is our knowledge, experience & our passion to share with our customers!

A crucial part of the Big Box Products experience is walking away with a product you know how to use & know how to love. So, we’ve collated a series of documents & frequently asked questions for your benefit!

How do I choose the right 12 Volt Pump for my sprayer?

Whether you're setting up a spot spraying unit for the back of your UTV, or fit-ting a trailer sprayer with a 4m boom, choosing the correct 12V pump can of-ten be confusing. There are many factors to consider so at Big Box we’ve prepared a little something to help you out!

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I need help troubleshooting my Stanley Spot Sprayer! Any tips?

Something not quite working the way it should? The fix could be simpler than you could imagine! Big Box have collected a fantastic document listing our range of Stanley Spot Sprayers, all their components & instructions on how to maintain your system!

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What are the power requirements & limitations of my Stanley Water Pump?

Understanding the requirements & limitations of your pumping system is crucial for the longevity & ultimately the performance or your Stanley Water Pump. Need more information, have a look at our technical document listing our Stanley range!

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I need to troubleshoot my Stanley Water Pump! Can you help me?

The importance of understanding your Stanley Water Pump is vital to ensure your pump lasts a lifetime & provides the performance & efficiency you expect from our fantastic range! We have collated an incredible troubleshooting guide for our Stanley range, see It here!

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Which accessories come standard with 12 Volt pumps in a box?

Want to understand more about what your purchasing with a 12 Volt pump from Big Box? We’ve compiled a document listing our range of 12 Volt pumps & what are included when you get your hands on one! Click here to find out more!

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I need more information on the material data of a Stanley 12 Volt Pump or sprayer. Can you help?

It’s always a bonus to understand the ins & outs of your Stanley products & we understand some more specific details are often hard to find. So at Big Box we’ve supplied a document listing some important information, including cut in’s & cut out’s of our pumps & sprayers!

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Will a 12v DC water pump work if directly connected to solar panels without a battery?


Yes, you can connect a DC motor directly to the solar panel. It will work if you have enough voltage potential. If your panels are not generating enough, it will be challenging to run any DC motor because there is less current energy flowing through them.